Where we operate

We currently service the Garden Route, mostly from George to Knysna utilizing 5 teams of experts with almost 300 years combined experience.

One team specializes in Retaining Walls (Blocks and Gabion) to the highest of Engineering and safety specifications, we are fully insured for your peace of mind. The other 4 teams focus on paving installations with the utmost attention to detail and pride. You will notice that we always display our boards when we are on site as we are very proud to do so. Operating for 30 years we are the most skilled company within the area.
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Premium services we offer you.

Paving Installations

Paving installation is a meticulous process that involves the skilled work of master craftsmen to create durable and visually appealing surfaces for various outdoor spaces. Paving not only enhances the aesthetics of an area but also provides functionality, safety, and value to properties. This brief outlines key aspects of paving installations, highlighting the importance of quality craftsmanship and adherence to standards such as those set by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).View More »

Retainer Walls

There are many names for a retainer wall, and yes we do them all! Retaining wall installations are vital components of landscaping and construction projects in South Africa, serving to stabilize terrain, prevent erosion, and create functional spaces. We provide quality installations and provide emphasis of the use of local South African brands that are SABS approved, ensuring durability and compliance with industry standards.View More »


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View our latest paving and retaining wall projects, and get an idea of how we can transform your outside living area with our expertise and craftsmanship.