Paving Installations

Paving projects become truly exceptional when infused with a passion for quality workmanship. As craftsmen who are driven by this passion we elevate your projects beyond the ordinary, creating outdoor spaces that are visually stunning, enduring, and reflective of our dedication. The combination of technical expertise, attention to detail, innovation, and client-centric approach results in outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression and stand as a testament to the artistry of quality workmanship.

Not only do we have multiple teams and on hand experts to get your paving installation done right the first time, we also have all of the relevant Contractors Insurance policies so you can rest easy. Yes we are Cobble Paving Sedgefield but we service the length of the Garden Route, from George to Knysna.

SABS approval guarantees that the chosen paving materials possess the necessary attributes to withstand the local environmental conditions, ensuring resistance to fading, cracking, and other forms of deterioration. It also assures clients that the installation process complies with established industry standards, minimizing potential risks and ensuring a successful outcome.

We have been providing quality workmanship and services within the Garden Route for almost 30 years. With a collective experience of over 300 years, you won't find anyone better.

Project type:
Description of the area to be paved (e.g., driveway, patio, walkway, pool area).
Dimensions of the area (length, width, total square meters).

Paving Material Preferences:
Type of paving material desired (e.g., concrete pavers, natural stone, brick).
Specific brand or style preferences (if applicable).
Color preferences for the paving material.

Design and Pattern:
Any specific design or pattern requirements (e.g., herringbone, basket weave, random).
Complexity of the pattern or design (which can affect labor and time).

Site Conditions:
Accessibility of the site for equipment and materials delivery.
Any existing structures, trees, or obstacles that need to be considered.

Base Preparation:
Condition of the existing ground (e.g., compacted soil, gravel, existing pavement).
Any necessary excavation or ground preparation work.

Edging and Borders:
Preference for edging or borders (e.g., concrete curbs, plastic edging, natural stone borders).

Grading and Drainage:
Information about the site's natural slope and drainage patterns.
Any additional grading or drainage work required to prevent water pooling.

Accessories and Features:
Any additional features like steps, ramps, or integrated lighting.
Installation of drainage solutions (if needed).

Project Timeline:
Desired start date and completion date for the project.
Any specific deadlines or events that need to be considered.